Young goth punk teens. The Lumous Gothic Festival more commonly known as Lumous is the largest festival dedicated to the goth subculture in Finland and adult homepages personal northernmost gothic festival in the world.

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The goth kids are usually depicted listening to goth musicwriting or reading Gothic poetry, drinking coffee, flipping their hair and smoking.

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The New York Times noted:

An etiquette guide to "gently persuade others in her chosen subculture that being a polite Goth is much, much more subversive than just wearing T-shirts with "edgy" sayings on them".

In part because of public misunderstanding surrounding gothic aesthetics, people in the goth subculture sometimes suffer prejudicediscriminationand intolerance.

In delivering the sentence, Judge Anthony Russell stated, "This was a hate crime against these completely harmless people targeted because their appearance was different to yours".

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Within the Goth movement they have been regularly described as poseurs or mallgoths.

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