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Women peeing in the woods. If you are brave, you can easily and quickly bathe using the full submersion method, but I opted for a two stage method involving personal wipes and a solar shower.

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If you are having trouble keeping your balance, try to touch the ground in front of you with one hand.

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Wet underwear are not only uncomfortable, but they are also a breeding ground for bacteria.

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Peeing in the woods is never a glamorous or remotely comfortable aspect of backpacking.

And again, somehow the leaf hentai spank always positioned to splash your stream back towards you or your feet.

But today I used the power of the internet and found this page!

Go to the restrooms like everybody else.

Backpacking, however, firmly requires a multitude of uncomfortable trips to the large tree at the edge of camp.

Plus, it helps if I know my position before I search out the right spot to do my business.

Thanks for posting.

Pull them up toward your belly button and out of the way!