bikini sports models Chuck wanted was a quiet weekend of fishing at their remote summer cabin, but when Scott reels in a note bearing the ominous message "People Eating People," their weekend in the sun takes a dark turn.">

Women having sex with cannibals. Korowai children with beads about their necks come running to point and giggle as I stagger into the village—several straw huts perched on stilts and overlooking the river.

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Music and sex Music is largely a primeval tool to gain the favour of mates.

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The scene that got the paramedics called begins with her on her back, legs spread, an attempted bikini wax that ends with the chewing and swallowing of a finger.

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I cannot wait to see how this novel ends or to read other books by this author.

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What use is money to these people?

It kind of hurts when he uses my breasts as handles to guide me up and down, but not really enough.

But, he is the one who ended up living on a tiny atoll in the Pacific.

He only wrote a few details about Sylvia's work but it sounded really interesting and I wish I knew more.

Next they "cut her up" and cooked her "meat", serving it to friends at a macabre party.

Maarten's view of the islanders themselves was just as nauseating.

There are no descriptions at all of their working lives, of the education, of their ambitions, or even of courtship and marriage.

In mating season, males outnumber females by three-to-one, meaning that they are highly expendable, even downright annoying.

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