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Over the years, cards have been improved by the addition of a chip and an antenna, making their usage smarter and more effortless.

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Credit and identification cards now have RFID technology embedded into them.

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The Cardprotector is the most minimalist wallet in our collection.

High grade stainless steel and cast iron also perform well when they are thick enough, but who wants to carry a hundred pound wallet?

These passive transmitters lie dormant until activated by a nearby RFID reader that sends a strong radio current that powers them on and makes them send out their signal.

When the level feel unusually loose, you may have triggered the salamander mechanism.

This is a practice, also known as digital pickpocketing, where your cards are read, activated or copied from a distance.

What does the Cardprotector protect against?

You can recognise the Salamander lever on the base of the Cardprotector — it has two small plastic arms to the right of the lever.

It's zone archive chel worth the risk, especially considering 1 consumer reports tested that aluminum foil combined with duct tape is effective, and 2 calling cust service of the card issuer and requesting a non-RFID chipped card will get you a non-RFID card.

If the lever gets stuck when you pull it to eject your cards, try changing the order of your cards and straightening bent cards.