Types of legitimate domination. These 'pure types' are almost always found in combination with other 'pure types' — for example, familial charisma important in kingship naked black man dick the Indian caste system is a combination of charismatic and traditional elements, while institutional charisma existing in all church organizationsbut absent from a priesthood that fails to develop such an organization is a mixture of charismatic and legal elements.

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The development of law in the West leads to estblishment of a legal system, such that there is a rule of law, written legal codes, legal rights and rules, and the "professionalized administration of justice by persons who have received big dick torrent legal training formally and systematically.

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Further, a status group may lead to the development of parties to further some specific interests of the status group.

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Weber argued that modern people confronted the rational—legal form of domination everyday through bureaucracies.

Charismatic authority rests on the exceptional qualities of a particular person.

III The Pure Types Rationally based authority rests on belief in rules and we obey persons who are elevated, by rules, to position of authority.

In modern societies, authority is in large part exercised on the basis of bureaucracies.

Authority extends and maintains power and shows a study of its origins can show how people come to accept this domination as a regular and structured phenomenon.

Other legal forms in societies in other parts of the world could develop in quite a different direction, perhaps blocking the development of rationality.

These ideal-types can be based on historical events, like the spirit of capitalism, or they can be more classificatory and constructed from more logical grounds.

Examples of dominance could include parent-child relationships, employer-employee relationships, teacher-student, domination within the family, biggest load of cum rule that is generally accepted and obeyed, or the relation between a priest and church member.