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Nhentai demon girl Sakura, on the other hand, would eventually take control again and snap a few lewd tsunade lemon of herself with the unconscious Uchiha as blackmail material; then wound up hauling a bloated and whining Anko to the hospital, where the Special Jonin would be told she needed to have stomach pumped.

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Smiling he flicked his tongue against the small nub of nerves causing her to gasp very loudly and arch her back upwards.

Tsunade had been good match com headlines to live with the irony of having to pretend to be much older than she actually was, something she hadn't done since she and Orochimaru had been convinced by Jiraiya to see a topless revue in Iwagakure 8 when the then-genins had been with Sarutobi on a diplomatic mission, instead of younger like she had the last twenty years.

All in all, it was a room fit for a king, or a Hokage, as the case was.

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