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Top hobbies for guys. Hiking is another great way to explore nature and get a break from your busy city life.

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Getting back to the outdoors is something many men crave.

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Grapes from one region will produce a wine with decidedly different characteristics than identical grapes grown in another region.

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Also, archers are undeniably badass.

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Collecting model trains is a great hobby for any rail enthusiast.

Internet Marketing Much like buying and selling in the real emlil, internet marketing involves a deep understanding of the desires that drive purchasing decisions.

Even though the microwave is easy and reliable, there are many advantages to mastering the art of cooking.

You can create a treehouse for your kids to play in during summers, giving you more free time to spend on other hobbies and interests.

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Much like volunteering, becoming a youth league coach or giving time to a mentoring program impacts your community.

You can make everything from a passport holder to a full saddle for your bucking bronco if you learn to work in the medium of leather.

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It takes care, patience, and a soft hand, not to mention creativity and a willingness to learn.