Richard marcinko rogue warrior series. However, in his reports to the base commander's Marcinko doesn't care how he tells the commander that his post is screwed.

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I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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Otherwise, this is a hissy fit in print at a bureaucracy Marcinko couldn't bother to learn to navigate properly.

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This approach comes directly out of even a cursory reading of Sun Tzu, but oddly appears to not have always been learned by many military organizations, or at least by the higher levels of commanders within them.

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It's a remarkable book from a survivor's survivor and you'll re-read it again and again.

Task Force Blue by Richard Marcinko.

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There isn't really just one problem in this book there are many of them.

Marcinko mentions names most appear to be aliases to protect identitiesbut no one is really developed except for him.