How to use grindr. Right on Grindr, but in the context of my guide, you're already using it wrong.

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Maybe I am paranoid when it comes to going out alone at night to meet complete strangers for sex, but if there is any time to be overly alert and mildly skeptical, it's then.

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This can be your name or a short hook phrase to catch peoples' attention.

Personally, I opt for the face pic with social media linked up, because in this modern age I sexy pyro like internet stalking is a given with online dating.

I feel like this should be a general rule in any "dating" realm, not just on Grindr.

Open Grindr.

I honestly have better luck on Tinder, but sometimes I just like the comfort of knowing there's a community of other lonely, horny guys a stone's throw away from me.

Tap the play button to listen to the audio before sending.

Grindr is for hookups, without having to go through the boring formalities like "What's your name?

It never works without a WiFi connection, even though I have data.