How to make a girl orgasm with your fingers. This means knowing which parts are actually pleasurable for her when touched and what kind of touch is suited for each part.

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Orgasms that send waves of orgasmic pleasure through her body.

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It's true that very few women get off by way of penetration alone.

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Using either her own natural lubrication or some from a bottle will make stroking her labia feel even more pleasurable for her.

Your touch should be as light as possible.

These moves build anticipation and help awaken arousal.

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First, not all girls naturally lubricate generously even in their heightened state of arousal.

While her labia are not nearly as sensitive as her clit, there are a lot of very enjoyable ways you can pleasure and stimulate them.

Meaning, every woman needs something a little bit different in order to reach the big O.

As her arousal builds and her pussy gets wet, now you can begin gently rubbing her clit from side to side.