Healed from bondages. Love must become the single motivating factor for obedience.

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The book of 1st John is a treatise on how you can know if you truly love Jesus and have eternal life 1 Jn 5:

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Others, however, may have multiple factors, including emotional incest with the opposite-sex parent, a history of humiliating attempts at relating to the opposite sex, intense parental or peer misconduct, narcissistic personality disorder, etc.

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They have performing tied up in their minds with being loved and accepted by God.

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These hidden reasons for our reactions need to be identified and dealt with and then healing will flow and a normal life will ensue.

Then God told them….


Can you imagine making a cake that way - throwing whatever ingredients together in whatever order and timing suits your inclination of the moment?

Just as the Israelites spent hundreds of years in bondage and could not save themselves, we cannot save ourselves from the bondages of the sins of others against us and of our sins.