Harry potter lesbian fanfiction rated m. She looked at Madam Pomfrey and saw the woman was struggling to come up with a decision.

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No self-respecting pure-blooded Slytherin deigned to converse with a know-it-all, mud-blooded Gryffindor.

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Hermione sighed.

Harry had no idea; he was mainly surprised that someone so beautiful was even this close to him and his friends.

Intro to HP Fanfiction.

Remember Me.

K Rowling, I'm just playing in her sandbox.

Hermione smiled when she saw the dust before her face dance wildly when she exhaled and immediately thought of none but Luna.

Where is everyone?

And they tried not to argue if ugly pussy pictures amount of some such ingredient was just the tiniest bit off, or if one of them accidentally stirred the potion counter-clockwise a hair too long.