Fanfiction pee bladder. It will be explicit, and it is definitely not for young readers.

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Mako eyes his brother and his girlfriend.

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I didn't actually mean the bet.

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It gave his mind motivation to think faster.

There were a few rules:

I danced offstage acting like nothing happened at all, but the home video shows otherwise.

I was mentally exhausted.

Korra throws another water whip into the air then bites her lip, "If I sit down I think about peeing.

It was 5.

Sherlock is so absorbed in a case that he neglects to use the bathroom until it may be too late.

Patrick doesn't believe anyone will love him while he's trapped in a wheelchair and Pete's here to prove him wrong.

While Bolin holds his stomach and continues to laugh, Mako eyes his younger brother, "Bo.