Facial pain and headache. It is not sufficient merely to list manifestations of headaches in order to define them, since these manifestations are not unique.

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However, if you have facial pain that seems to come without any known cause, call your doctor for an evaluation.

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Headache Headache has been described as the most common medical complaint known to man.

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Sergott, MD.

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The pain history should include details of onset, intensity, frequency, quality, location, duration, presence of a preceding aura, aggravating and precipitating factors, relation to menstruation, and response to treatments.

These imaging tests are useful in diagnosing problems within the bones, muscles, and tissue.

Acupuncture is not currently recommended.

Movement, reflexes, sensation.

Eye findings may signal a serious neurological disorder, as seen in this patient with papilledema due to intracranial meningioma.

Although its ocular symptoms generally resolve spontaneously over several months, optic neuritis is often associated with multiple sclerosis.

Your doctor may take a blood sample to test for certain infections.