Clitoris cut labia minor off. The urethra has been covered, causing bladder stones and sometimes incontinence.

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Then, inI published my book, Distant Sunrise:

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The age at which FGM is performed also varies.

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Bacterial vaginosis BV is caused by an imbalance of the bacteria normally present in the vagina

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I thought we were supposed to be made into women.

Which was young by their standards.

Circumcised women have an increased risk of infertility, in part due to chronic pelvic infections and obstruction to intercourse.

As of Septemberit will be illegal in the United States to circumcise females under the age of 18 Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act of

The men and women were interviewed when they came for routine medical visits to a refugee clinic, or when the interviewer visited them in their homes.

You just learn to live with it.

Babies and toddlers