California male breast reduction. Your incisions will be left open to drain and heal.

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Serenity is staffed by medical professionals that are specially trained in caring for patients immediately recovering from plastic surgery.

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After he removes all of the fat, loose skin, and glandular tissue, he stitches the incisions closed, dresses the wounds, and wraps you in a compression garment.

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Steven Teitelbaum has treated hundreds of men with gynecomastia and he will immediately put you at ease.

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Facelift Overview Common Questions.

Yet men continue to be shy and ashamed about this condition.

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What causes gynecomastia?

Hicks will examine your breasts to determine which procedure or combination of procedures will produce the best results.

This excess skin will change the type of surgery necessary to properly correct the problem.

Our Patient Care Coordinator will greet you and bring in into the an examining room, where your Plastic Surgeon will mark outlines on the parts of your body that will indicate where the treatment will be administered.

Breast reduction surgery is an operation to remove extra skin, tissue, and fat underneath the nipple.

Occasionally due to endocrine hormone abnormalities, the process most often occurs with no apparent cause in adolescent or fully mature males.