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Asian hair highlighting. Benefits range from improved depth and texture to more visible movement and the illusion of fullness, according to Kyle White, senior colorist at Upskirt pussy club Blandi Salon in New York.

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Stark jet black is another archetypal Asian hair color, and when paired with a graphic, almost architectural haircut, achieves a coolness factor like no other.

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Media could do with more Cho Changs and less neon streaks — unless, of course, neon is a purposeful and personal choice.

By Leah Prinzivalli.

Shades of reddish brown and burnt orange are trendy amongst Asian countries as well.

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This is precisely why we think this high-maintenance look is super coveted:

A deep maroon, almost purple hair color can be starfire fucking flattering on a Asian skintone and it blends well with darker hair colors.