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Artillery depth penetration projectiles testing. Martin von Wahrendorffand Joseph Whitworth independently produced rifled cannon in the s, but it was Armstrong's gun that was first to see widespread use during the Crimean War.

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Advances in metallurgy allowed for the construction of breech-loading rifled guns that could fire at a much greater muzzle velocity.

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The use of multiple bomblets over a single HE projectile allows for a denser and less wasteful fragmentation field to be produced.

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Allows for 3 axis adjustment and rotation.

During military operations joyreactor, the role of field artillery is to provide support to other arms in combat or to attack targets, particularly in depth.

By the late 14th century, Chinese rebels used organized artillery and cavalry to push Mongols out.

A disadvantage of using ERA is that each plate can protect against a single strike, and the resulting explosion can be extremely dangerous to nearby personnel and lightly armoured structures.

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