Anal glands in humans. However, it appears that the anal glands may be activated in times of anxiety or stress.

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The lower half of the anal canal has sensitive nerve endings.

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Most anal cancers start from cells in the mucosa.

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An anal fissure incest tumblers a small tear or crack in the lining of the anus.

The glands are at varying depths in the anal canal wall, some between the layers of the internal and external sphincter the intersphincteric plane.

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The fistula is the tunnel that forms under the skin and connects the clogged infected glands to an abscess.

It was difficult to find an accurate scientific answer to this question, but after hours of research, I found one.

A common term for these potentially pre-cancerous conditions is dysplasia.

If all of the tumor can be removed, a cure is possible.

These cancers are much more common in the stomach or small intestine, but rarely they can start in the anal region.

Just like in dogs and cats, the obstruction of these ducts can cause plugging and may lead to abscess and fistula formation.