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Through other couples who were also in recovery and compassionate friends and family members, we were able to find the support that was ultimately the grounding force lesbian wife tumblr our recovery process.

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When counseling addicts and their partners about recovering from sexual addiction and coaddiction, it is helpful for counselors to know what activities were considered most helpful by the patients themselves.

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His program is for him to work; I work my own.

An assumption of addiction-sensitive therapy is that rigorous honesty is required if one is to remain sober and in recovery.

She writes on cultural, personal and relational lies that destroy women's lives and seeks to share the truth, hope and love of Jesus Christ.

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Some addicts may not initially remember various behaviors, especially if their addiction included multiple episodes or different types of activities.

Because the respondents to this survey were sex addicts and partners of sex addicts, it was not surprising to find that all the addicts tall ebony woman step programs to be crucial elements of their therapeutic process.

He answered every question I asked him and my questions went on for weeks and months.

Thus, among partners who identified themselves as in recovery, there was a preponderance of those in long-term recovery.

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