Acid stain penetrates tubing concrete. I've used quite a few and all have worked well.

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The water will give you an idea of the finished color once a sealer is applied.

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Even if there is enamel or oil-based paint on the slab, do not try to use paint thinner.

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If you pour on the stain, be sure that one worker prepares a wet spot of water on the slab into which the second worker pours the stain.

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How do I know if my surface is going to be stainable?

Hairline cracks are of no concern; they add to the overall interest of the surface.

The condition of the slab is so vital that I estimate wall masking and floor preparation to be 80 percent of the labor of staining.

Stain sample results can vary widely from those on the color chart of the stain manufacturer.

Repeat the neutralizing and rinsing process one more time to ensure latin pussu of the residue is gone.